Saturday, October 22, 2016

Food That Help Preventing Hair Loss

If one comes to observe every minor and major disorder of the body, the person himself or herself gets frightened of taking so much dosages and medicines. Nature has been helping science for years; those treatments that are naturally eradicated have its own value. Since people do no consider giving time to ailment they prefer strong chemical pills to get rid off any disorder. Hair loss is also one of the similar issues, people either ignore it or those who are conscious prefer to have severe surgeries for its reduction. Both the conditions are extreme levels.

Instead if one thinks that food and diet is the best way to cure oneself from any of the disorder, he or she might prefer to get as much time as the natural treatment takes. Treating disorder of any type naturally has no side effect first of all. Though it takes time, and often for some people it may be not that effective but there is always a solution to a problem in natural method. There are a lot of herbal treatments and natural methods to reduce or prevent hair loss. Since external treatments are always carried on a little attention should be paid on diet and meals. Chickpeas are one prominently considered for its strong effect in hair loss. Consisting of zinc and vitamin B-6 together it works radically on hair follicles making it strong. Zinc promotes protein that directly works for hairs along with this it reacts with vitamin A that directly favors the hair growth.

Then comes the roast beef, the roast beef is option for non-vegetarians. Roast beef also consists vitamin B-6 and Zinc, it is a perfect alternate of chickpeas. Since protein is the power of hair follicles, the diet should be taken that contains adequate proteins. Soy beans is a powerful source of Iron and vitamin E, Iron works to create hemoglobin that processes oxygen to the tissues, with out which hairs can’t grow. Sources of vitamin E are also good for hair scalp it works with the blood circulation. Dry fruits like Almonds is also full of nutrition that is great for hair, one can use almond extracted oil for external use on hair scalp. One point that almonds hold is that it lowers the cholesterol, because the cholesterol lowering medicines sheds hair a lot.

Almond contains protein, Iron and vitamin E, thus all the components work well for hair and also for health. When it comes to wholesome meal, the whole wheat is the first thing that comes in mind. Whole wheat consists of Silica and Iron, Silica plays role of absorbing vitamins and minerals in abundance, it is less found in western diets, might be for this reason the hair loss occurs largely among them. Some drinks also can be considered as rich extracts of vitamins and minerals. Fruit juices have been widely accepted as a big source of natural ingredients that not only work for hairs and skin but also for other body parts internally and externally. Similar like fruit juices, cows milk is a wholesome meal. Its nutritious and a complete diet rich of proteins that directly work with hair scalp. One more thing of cow’s milk is that it has absorbable iodine. A rich food like oats is also a good source of Iron and minerals that quickly absorbs in the blood, other than this oats contain other salts like potassium and phosphorus required basically for good health. When checking fruits, orange is one basic fruit that is a complete source of vitamin C. vitamin C speed up the absorption of salts and minerals in the body and also helps building collagen that is important for hair growth. These are the common foods that are available in our surroundings, it is recommended to eat fruits abundantly and of the seasons, fruits that are not seasonal may not affect that much. Apart from these meals, seafood is highly rich in minerals.

It is observed that nations that abundantly eat seafood have very strong and healthy hair. Eating fish twice a week is good for health, moreover if not eating fish, one can have supplements prepared from seafood. But those are also recommended to consume under doctors advice because seafood may not suit to every one, like Anthony Cox.


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